сряда, 26 февруари 2014 г.

stay tuned

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hello !! a lot of you asked me why i'm not posting on my blog lately - well i'm working on a new project, and hope you'll like it much better than this one - people change, grow up, have a new sense of fashion and it's exactly what's happened to me - actually i'm working on a new blog, with a new name, new design, more like my actual mood - i think when your blog doesn't represent you honestly, you have to end it up and don't force yourself to post if you don't feel it - i wanna thank everyone which followed me and supported me - so stay tuned -
love, yamina

hello february

hello karl.


i know i'm more than a week late, but still, better late than never - sorry for this horrible quote haha - anyway, Karl did it - i was incredibly surprised by this collection, and by surprised i mean in a good way - i always thought that would be so expensive, and without style - and no, he made both, low prices plus style, how may i didn't love it ?